• Investigates the underlying root causes of diseases and conditions compared to conventional medicine in which healthcare providers treat symptoms of diseases and conditions with medications.
  • Conventional medicine is appropriate at times and under certain circumstances we need its application, but it does not solve the underlying causes of chronic diseases for example: diabetes, heart disease, anxiety/depression etc.
  • Functional medicine investigates how we got into the problem in the first place. In additions to symptoms we look at pre-disease and show what a patient may be walking towards to in a few years.
  • Utilizes a system approach, it recognizes if one system does not function properly or is out of balance it will affect other systems in your body.
  • For example: complaints of fatigue, we look at different causes like thyroid imbalance, adrenal imbalance, autoimmune disease, GI imbalance, toxicity ,lifestyle (stress, exercise) & nutritional deficiencies, spiritual health, to name a few.
  • Recognizes that our genetics influences our health and well-being. Through advanced testing we can develop treatment plans that are individualized including extensive health history taking, analysis of complaints, investigation of root causes, and test results.
  • Genes are what we are born with but it does not mean we are determined to get a disease. We can alter them with epigenetics through lifestyle modifications and supplements.
  • Anthea Health LLC utilizes an all-inclusive holistic approach addressing all bodily systems, lifestyle factors and restoring balance