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10 Ways To Keep Your Brain Healthy Naturally Learn the Signs of Cognitive Decline, Alzheimer’s Disease, & How To Avoid It With Good Lifestyle Choices


Barbara utilizes Functional Medicine and traditional Tibetan Medicine techniques to help patients prevent, reverse and treat chronic disease and its symptoms, so they can live happier and more balanced lives. We do this by offering 100% personalized care, and by addressing the root causes of disease, and symptoms; we do all of this within a warm and compassionate environment. Our goal is to promote wellness and health and to help you heal physically, emotionally and spiritually. We believe we’re able to accomplish this because of our all-inclusive, holistic and consultative approach to healing.

Functional Medicine

  Functional medicine investigates, identifies and treats the underlying cause of disease. This is very different from conventional medicine that focuses on treating symptoms alone. Learn More

Mindfulness & Meditation


In Functional Medicine, mental, emotional, and spiritual balance form the center of the matrix and influence the other biological systems. It is suggested that mindfulness meditation reduces stress, anxiety, and burnout, and enhances resilience.

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Healing & Trekking in Nepal


Are you inspired by an Adventure that restores Vibrancy and Health? How about a Once in a Lifetime Journey to the Himalayas where adventurous souls and health seekers can find Peace – and a Challenge – along this ancient path to Annapurna Base Camp, Nepal.

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Individualized healing options to meet your unique needs

1. Build a Healthy Mind and Brain

We offer individualized treatment plans from the inside out by recognizing the body as an interconnected whole that is in dynamic relationship to its environment. A healthy mind and brain transcend to a healthy body. We help you develop a plan to reduce stress and balance emotions Stress response is a trigger for developing health problems, combined with poor food and lifestyle choices it affects the gut. The gut impacts the brain, the brain impacts the gut. Brain health provides a well-functioning body and mind.

2. Heal the Gut

We will help you understand the important role gut health has on chronic disease, and will together to investigate the cause of imbalances. We do this with examination of symptoms and the aid of advanced laboratory testing. We will recommend a personalized lifestyle and dietary changes and appropriate supplementation. We work with you on your healing plan based on your specific needs so that you can live a happier, healthier life.

3. Remove Toxins and Control Inflammation

Over time toxins in our environment build up and affect our body systems. Chronic joint pain or muscle pain, allergies, skin disorders are just a few examples of chronic inflammation when the body’s normal inflammatory response gets out of balance. We will help you understand the toxin-inflammation-disease connection, how to minimize the exposure, support detoxification and eliminate inflammation. We will screen for toxic burden and inflammation and develop a plan for the body to heal, recover and prevent disease.

4. Optimize Nutrition and Exercise

Everybody’s need is different! We will evaluate yours with assistance of a functional physical exam and cutting-edge diagnostics. We will in collaboration with you develop a comprehensive strategy for dietary modifications, supplementation and establish an exercise plan to meet your unique needs, to achieve dramatic results and transform your health.

5. Balance Hormones

We will screen and target adrenals, thyroid and sex hormone imbalances. We will navigate through the root causes of your health problem, find them, fix them with behavior and lifestyle modifications, diet, supplementation, botanicals, and adjunctive therapies in a very safe way. Hormones affect all aspects of our health, mentally and physically.

6. Analyze Genetics

We all have a unique genetic makeup. No one is the same. Sometimes a genetic variant could be causing you a problem. We take in account your medical history and current symptoms and if we suspect a genetic variant to be the cause we will suggest additional diagnostic tests. However, we do not treat just genes, we treat the whole person. We will customize protocols to heal the root cause first achieving dramatic results and transforming of your health.

7. Healthy Aging

There are two kinds of aging. Chronological age: our age in years and Physiological age: is about how well we are functioning. The first cannot be changes, however, we can influence our physiological age and feel younger. We will help you identifying potent aging factors that contribute to shortened lifespans and factors making us older than we are. We will offer you an optimized plan for healthy aging.

8. Traditional Tibetan Medicine (TTM)

TTM is one of the oldest healing traditions in existence and maintains alive today. It is a medical system based on the interdependent relationship between human health and nature. We offer TTM’s person-centered holistic approach to health and support the cultivation of a happy mind, healthy body and spirit.

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